Web Developer Bootcamp

About Web Developer Bootcamp

A 60 days immersive technical training program for freshers that transforms them into job-ready web developers. Web developers are in high-demand both at startups and big companies. With the skills you learn in this course you can even become an entrepreneur and launch your own website/e-commerce company, if you desire to do so. We focus on core software development skills and how business requirements translate into code. Most of your learning will be project based and you will be working towards the goal of delivering that project throughout the program. After completing this course you will see a significant improvement in your problem-solving skills and you will be able to pick up new technologies and frameworks much quicker. The program is designed by IIT graduates who have worked for some of the top MNCs in the world and focuses on modern programming languages like Python and JavaScript and covers the full stack from frontend, middleware to backend.


Become a full stack web developer who can code an entire web application from front-end, middleware to backend. To be able to create web applications using Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS. Implement server-side request handling logic using Django and Python and persist data in MySQL and MongoDB databases. Create a fully functional web application that can be deployed on the AWS cloud from scratch.


  • Must be comfortable operating a web browser
  • Know the concepts of files, directories
  • Some basic knowledge of linux command line
  • Good reading comprehension and oral communication in English


Week 1
Introduction to Software Development, Pair Programming
Python Basics
JavaScript Basics
Introduction to Git and GitHub
Week 2
Conditionals and Looping
Arrays, Lists and Hashes
Debugging Programs
Unit testing and test-driven development
Week 3
Classes and Objects - Python
Object Oriented Programming in Python
Object Oriented JavaScript
Bootstrap - Grid
Bootstrap - forms and buttons
Bootstrap - Modals and Panels
Week 4
Working with relational databases
Using Python APIs to access relational databases
Relational Database Design
MongoDB and NoSQL
Week 5
jQuery CSS Selectors
DOM Manipulation using jQuery
Event Handlers
Form Validation
Making AJAX Calls
Week 6
Server side programming using Python-Django
Building models in Django
Writing controllers in Django
Django Templates
Django Forms
Week 7
Introduction to AngularJS
Models and Views
Week 8
Django - User management
Sessions and Cookies
Sending Emails
Week 9
Data Structures and Algorithms
DS Interview Questions Prep
Week 10
Develop a fully functional web application using Django, jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS
Source code management - branching and merging
Software Project Management - Sprint Planning, Standups
Deploying application on AWS
Handling technical interviews
Soft skills Development

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