JavaScript: jQuery and AngularJS


To understand how JavaScript is used in buliding modern websites. How JavaScript supports the object oriented programming style and how it differs from other classical langauage like Java and Python. Understand the document object model (DOM) and how it can be manipulated via JavaScript. Understand how jQuery simplifies the writing of client-side JavaScript code. Write jQuery code to give dynamic behavior to pages and to make AJAX calls from the page. Create single page webapps using AngularJS. Understand Angular's MVC design pattern for client-side webapps. Use Angular Directives to create standalone components. How to debug and profile JavaScript code using Firebug.

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  • Must know the basics of programming and must have written code in one of the following languages - C, Java,Python or Ruby
  • Must be comfortable using and operating a web-browser
  • Should know basic HTML and CSS
  • Good reading comprehension and oral communication in English


1. Introduction to the language - data types, variables, expressions, looping/branching, functions
2. Creating objects - constructor functions, prototypical inheritance, object chaining
3. Document Object Model - traversing a document, modifying a document
4. Understand inline vs external styles, fonts, backgrounds, borders, margins, box­model, positioning.
5. Browser events and how to handle them
6. Validating forms via javascript and submitting them using AJAX
7. Introduction to JQuery - writing concise code, how to seprate behavior from document structure and style
8. Selecting DOM elements through CSS selectors - understand the wrapped jQuery object
9. Manipulate DOM using jQuery - show/hide elements, change CSS properties, insert/remove elements
10. jQuery Event handlers - responding to events with code
11. jQuery Animations and Effect
12. Making AJAX calls via jQuery
13. Introudction to single page webapps and AngularJS
14. AngularJS - Models and Views
15. AngularJS - Controllers and Services
16. AngularJS - custom components using Directives

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