Introduction to Java


To understand the fundamentals of programming using Java. Learn basic programming constructs - variables, data-types, loops, arrays, conditionals and functions - and how to use them in Java. Learn fundamentals of object oriented programming - encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. Write small Java programs; compile, run and debug them using Eclipse IDE. Understand common operations associated with files, dates, numbers, strings and collections. Learn the basics of multi-threaded programming in Java. This course will prepare you for the Oracle Certified Java Associate exam.

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  • No previous programming experience necessary
  • Must be comfortable operating a computer, web-browser and installing/launching programs
  • Basic knowledge of linux/unix command line
  • Good reading comprehension and oral communication in English


1. Introduction to the Java Platfoorm - JDK vs JRE vs JVM
2. Installing Eclipse - writing, compiling and running Java programs using Eclipse
3. Language Basics - variables, data types, operators, expressions, type conversion, functions
4. Conditionals - if, while, do, switch, continue, break
5. Object Oriented Programming - Defining Classes, member variables and methods, static variables and methods
6. Object Oriented Programming - Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces and Abstract Clasess
7. Dates and Numbers - Parsing and Formatting
8. File I/O - Working with Files and Directories, Reading and Writing to Files
9. Multi-threaded programming - creating multiple threads, synchronization
10. Introduction to Java Collections API - List, Map, Set
11. Error handling - try, throw/catch/finally, user defined exceptions
12. Programming with Generics

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